Welcome to the new SkokieParks.org!

February 19, 2019 07:30 PM

NewWebsite2019After many months of community and staff input, a commissioned professional survey, and a large, complicated building project, the Skokie Park District’s new website, still found at skokieparks.org, went live today, offering the district’s 67,000 residents more intuitive navigation and an enhanced online experience.
“The site now features an improved registration splash page, program pages that include links into specific classes, a more robust event calendar, a cleaner look, and a responsive site for desktop, tablet and smart phone use,” said Jim Bottorff, the district’s communications and marketing manager, at tonight’s monthly board meeting.
According to Bottorff, the old 2011 site was one of the first park district sites to feature integration with its companion registration site. The 2019 site takes that feature a step farther, with individual classes now appearing on the website itself, leaving users only one click away from finding specific activities information or registering for classes.
The new site also features a more efficient site search, a language translator, extra information on facility page tabs, mapping by amenities and programs, and live social media tabs on the site’s homepage.
After reviewing all public and private research data, the district's marketing team developed a map and design instructions for the new site. Those directives were then turned over to AmericanEagle.com, who developed the site, before giving it back over to the SPD marketing team for additional page building.

The district built their first website in 1996, rebuilding it in 2002, 2006, 2011 and again in 2019.


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