Policies and Ordinances

Residency Policy

Since residents contribute to the total operation of the Skokie Park District through tax levies, fee structures for non-residents are higher. Boundaries for the district are specific and are different from those of the Village of Skokie. The chart below represents all addresses within the district.

Skokie Zip Codes 60076 & 60077  (all addresses)

Evanston Zip Code 6020 (All addresses in this zip code)

Morton Grove Zip Code 60053

Central Avenue                    7815 North to 7847 (odd only)

Central Avenue                    7844 North to 7848 (even only)

Central Avenue                    7900 North to 7935 (both odd & even)

Kirk Street                             5446 West - one address

Linder Avenue                      7800 North to 7949 (both odd & even)

Long Avenue                         7800 North to 7940 (even only)

Long Avenue                         8000 North to 8080 (even only)

Lotus Avenue                       7800 North to 7947 (both even and odd)

Luna Avenue                        7800 North to 7845 (both even and odd)

Luna Avenue                        7901 North to 7931 (odd only)

Luna Avenue                        7904 North to 7936 (even only)

Oakton Street                       5411 West to 5419 (odd only)

Oakton Street                       5435 West to 5519 (odd only)

Oakton Street                       5527 West to 5545 (odd only)

Chicago Zip Code 60646 – Chicago (only the addresses below)

Ionia Avenue                         6751 to 6797 (odd only)


In order to qualify for a resident rate when registering for a District program or purchasing a facility pass or membership, the individual’s primary residence must be within the Skokie Park District boundaries. Any owner of real estate paying taxes to the District will be considered a resident, as will his or her immediate family. Immediate family is defined as husband, wife, civil union partner, life partner and children who reside at the owner’s household.

  1. Resident Fees
  • Individuals - In order to be eligible to use the District’s programs or facilities at the lower resident fee, participants must reside within Skokie Park District boundaries and pay taxes to the Skokie Park District. Proof of residency is required. Any of the following items may be submitted as proof of residency: utility bill, tax bill, or driver’s license (additional proof of residency may be required).
  • Business Owners – Business owners (and their immediate families) who own a business in Skokie and pay taxes to the Skokie Park District are eligible for resident rates. Business owners must show a copy of their tax bill as proof that they pay taxes to the Skokie Park District.
  • Residents will receive priority registration and will register before non-residents.

2.  Non-Resident Fees

  • Non-residents will pay a minimum of 25% higher fees than residents for all program registration fees (unless indicated differently below).
  • Non-residents will pay 25% higher fees at facilities for admission/entrance fees and membership fees (unless indicated differently below).
  • Non-residents will register after District residents who receive priority registration.

3.  Exceptions to the Residency Policy

Morton Grove residents whose children attend Skokie School District 69 schools will pay resident rates for camp, before and after school program (SPACE) and pool passes. However, they must wait for non-resident registration to register.

Skatium Ice Arena

  • Non-residents will pay 15% higher program fees for figure skating programs than resident fees.
  • Non-residents will pay 10% higher program fees for hockey programs than resident fees.
  • Residents and non-residents pay the same fee for public skate and room rentals.
  • Morton Grove, Lincolnwood and Golf residents are eligible for resident rates for hockey programs.
  • Morton Grove residents are eligible for resident rates for figure skating programs.


Per an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Evanston:

  • Evanston residents may purchase pool admissions at a reduced non-resident rate.
  • Skokie residents may purchase Evanston beach admissions at a reduced non-resident rate.
  • Per an intergovernmental agreement (2013) establishing a joint swim lesson program with School District 219, all School District 219 residents who pay taxes to School District 219 will pay the resident rate for swim lessons held at Niles North or Niles West High Schools and register during resident registration.

Skokie Sports Park, Pooch Park, Channelside Park and the Dammrich Rowing Center programs

  • Skokie Sports Park, Pooch Park, Channelside Park and the Dammrich Rowing Center are situated on property leased from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. As part of the lease agreement the Skokie Park District is prohibited from charging non-resident fees. Thus all fees and charges at these facilities are the same for residents and non-residents.


Patron Conduct Ordinance

Click here to view.

Social Media Policy

The Skokie Park District (the “park district”) provides information to the public through many digital outlets including social media pages which include facebook.com/skokieparks, twitter.com/skokieparks, tiktok.com/@skokieparks and instagram.com/skokieparks. Communicating with the park district through social media further enables customers to contact the park district in a direct and meaningful way. The comments, visuals, photographs, images, videos and other types of materials posted by patrons to the park district’s social media sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of the park district, its employees or affiliates. This Social Media Policy sets forth guidelines for utilizing the park district’s social media and social network sites.

Please be aware that when engaging with the Skokie Park District over social media, you are agreeing to the following:

Commenting on the park district’s social media sites

The park district shares information, photographs, images and videos with the public through its external social media websites and encourages its followers to share their thoughts, opinions and comments on the park district’s social media platforms. Comments made by the public to these sites are reviewed and monitored by park district staff. While comments posted to the park district’s sites will not be edited by park district staff, the park district reserves the right to restrict or remove any content deemed in violation of the Skokie Park District’s Social Media Policy described herein or any applicable law.

  • Comments should be related to the topic posted on the park district’s social media site or page. The park district’s social media accounts are not meant for comments that do not directly relate to the purpose or topic of the social media site or page, or for service requests.
  • You are subject to the Terms of Use of the host site. Information (photos, videos, etc.) you share with or post to official Skokie Park District pages or blogs is also subject to the Terms of Service of the host site and may be used by the owners of the host site or the park district for their own purposes. For more information, please consult the host website’s Terms of Use.
  • Comments advocating illegal activity or posting material that violates copyrights or trademarks of third-parties are prohibited.
  • Comments using obscene, profane, violent, threatening, hateful, harassing or offensive language or content are prohibited.
  • Personal attacks, bullying or offensive comments that target or disparage any specific person, group, ethnicity, race, creed, color, age, religious group, gender, marital status, national origin, disability status, physical appearance, sexual orientation or financial status are strictly prohibited.
  • Comments shall not include information that would invade an individual’s personal privacy.
  • Comments containing nudity or sexual content, or accusations of criminal or immoral activity to a person or people are prohibited.
  • The Skokie Park District’s social media accounts and sites are not open to comments or posts promoting, endorsing, soliciting or opposing any person campaigning for election to a political office, or promoting or advertising a business or commercial transactions (e.g. spam).
  • The park district’s Social Media Policy is subject to amendment or modification at any time by the Skokie Park District.

User-created content

Users may submit or post content, including photographs and videos, to the park district’s social media sites that allow the public to post content in accordance with the park district’s Social Media Policy and which pertain to the subject of the park district’s social media site. Users may only post their own, original content. Reproduced or borrowed content that reasonably appears to violate third-party rights will be removed by the park district.

Reasonable accommodation

To request a reasonable accommodation when accessing the Skokie Park District’s social media sites, please contact rpozner@skokieparks.org.

Questions or concerns

Questions or concerns regarding the Skokie Park District’s Social Media Policy or the park district’s social media sites shall be directed to rpozner@skokieparks.org.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the park district’s social media pages, and for your help creating a safe online community.

Dog Ordinance

In 2019, the Skokie Park District board of commissioners approved an amendment to the district’s animal and pet ordinance, allowing dogs on leashes on Skokie Park District property, with some restrictions.

Skokie Park District Animal and Pet Ordinance.


Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated and have a current rabies inoculation.
Owners are responsible for removing any excrement deposited by their dog.
All dogs shall be restrained by a leash that is no longer than eight feet in length, with dog owners maintaining physical control of their dogs at all times. Retractable leashes and electronic leashes are prohibited.
Restricted areas, facilities and parks include:

District facilities (except during district-approved dog related classes)
Weber Park Golf Course
Tot Learning Center grounds
Emily Oaks Nature Center grounds
Skokie Sport Park grounds (with the exception of Sports Park East and its parking lot)
Parks under half an acre in size, including: Carol, Chippewa, Menominee, Pawnee, and Playtime Parks, as well as Kawaga Gardens.
The following parks during school hours when children are present: McNally, Schack, Sequoya and Timber Ridge Parks.
Swimming pools and spray grounds
Outdoor fitness equipment areas
Sand volleyball courts
Garden Plots
Playgrounds & tot lots
Picnic shelters (except at permitted picnics)
Tennis, basketball, pickleball, futsal, and petanque courts
Sports fields during play (leashed dogs are allowed on the sidelines)
Summer camp sites when campers are present

Park signage regarding dogs will be updated throughout the district as time allows.

Please contact Corrie Guynn at (847) 929-7802 with any questions regarding the ordinance.

Pest Management Plan

Photo & Video Policy

The Skokie Park District occasionally takes photographs or video of participants, staff and volunteers, for the promotion and advertising of its programs, services, events, activities, and facilities in its brochures, on its website, in its social media posts, and through other promotional avenues.

By registering for, participating in, working as an employee and/or volunteer, or attending Skokie Park District programs, events, or other activities, the participant (or parent/guardian or a minor), employee or volunteer irrevocably agrees to the use and distribution by the Skokie Park District of their image (or of their minor child/ward) in photographs, video recordings, and any other electronic reproductions of such programs, events, and activities for any purpose without inspection or approval and without compensation, rights to royalties, or any other consideration now and in the future.