More than 90 languages are spoken in the homes of Skokie residents and the Skokie Park District does its best to serve every person in Skokie. Current diversity initiatives implemented at the Skokie Park District include:

Diversity InitiativesDiversity Advisory Committee

Formed in 2017 and facilitated by the Board of Commissioners, this community advisory committee meets regularly to discuss potential diversity initiatives for the Skokie Park District staff and for the community as a whole.

Staff Diversity Committee

Formed in 2016, this park district staff team has implemented the following initiatives:

  • Meets with the district's programming trends task force to create new classes for a more diverse Skokie population.
  • Helps facilitate the Community Diversity Advisory Committee of the district's Board of Commissioners.
  • Advises the marketing department regarding increased diversity shown in marketing materials and diversity outreach.
  • Created "languages spoken" name tags for staff.
  • Created a facility "Welcome" sign for the Weber Leisure Center, featuring 72 languages.

Skokie Festival of Cultures

Formed in 1990 in partnership with many other Skokie government agencies and service clubs, the Festival of Cultures honors more than 60 Skokie cultures and more than 25,000 attendees, every third weekend in May. Visit the website here.