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If you would like to have your very own garden but don’t have a backyard, the Skokie Park District offers one hundred 20' X 20' garden plots for rental. The garden is located behind Madison School, just east of the Skokie Park Tennis Center, with the entrance off of Main Street, south on Le Claire Ave. Plots are rototilled and available for planting April 1, depending on the weather. No security on site. Water is available on-site. Please bring your own containers or hoses.

Garden Plot Information
Garden Plot Rental Application forms are available at the Oakton Community Center and must be returned to Oakton in person. You will be assigned a plot and notified by mail when plots are ready for planting.

Garden Plot Information 

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Plot Assignment
: Renters are assigned plot numbers. Renters cannot choose their own plots, but previous renters may request using last year’s plot(s). Each plot is staked with the plot number. These stakes are numbered and placed at the corner of each plot along the walkway.

Rental Cost: $40 for residents, $50 for non-residents (each plot). More than one plot may be rented.

When Available: The Parks Department will rototill and stake out the garden as soon as weather permits, but no later than April 1. The renter may rototill their plot again if they wish. When plots are ready, confirmation of your assigned plot number will be sent. The season ends on October 31; all produce must be removed before this day.

Location of Garden: Entrance to the garden is off of Main Street, just west of Gross Point Road or east of Niles Center Road. Garden plots are located just north of Madison School.

Water: Water spigots are located at the middle of the garden plot area. Water can be carried to your plot with your own container.

Questions: Contact Pamela Zeid at (847) 674-1500, 2715 or through email at



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