To reserve a park shelter for gatherings of 60 persons or less, click below.


A special park permit is required for:
Gatherings of 15 or more at parks without shelters.
Gatherings of 60 or more at parks with shelters.

To fill out a request form for a Special Park Permit, click below. Once submitted, a Skokie Park District representative will contact the applicant to confirm whether or not it is approved.


Special Park Permit requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis and are available February–October 31. Reservations requests for 2024 are currently being accepted. 

Special Park Permit Pricing
  Class A Class B Class C Class D
Attendees 15–60 60–250 250–500 500+
Resident fee $125 $200 $350 $500
Non-resident fee $200 $250 $450 $625


Please note: Parks are public spaces and a rental does not preclude other patrons from using the park. 

For more information on Special Park Permits email Corrie Guynn.