Park District Information

Are the Skokie Park District and the Village of Skokie two different agencies?

The Skokie Park District is a government agency with its own elected board of commissioners and taxing powers. Although the Skokie Park District and the Village of Skokie share roughly the same boundaries, the Village of Skokie and the Skokie Park District are separate government agencies that provide different public services.

Is the Skokie Park District Chartered?

The district was established by local referendum on February 3, 1928 as the Niles Center (now Skokie) Park District, with five elected commissioners.

What is a Park District?

Park districts are somewhat unique to Illinois. They are municipal corporations created for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining parks, and for providing recreational programming. Park Districts are separate and distinct from the city, county or any other political entity. It is an agency through which the people of the state carry on government. This independence from the cities and villages permits better community service.

Park District Finances

What is the Value of the Park District's Real Estate, their current Tax Rate and Bond Rating, and when is their Fiscal Year?

The estimated equalized assessed value of real estate in the district for 2020 was $2,797,852,555. The tax rate levy was $0.406 per $100 of estimated assessed value. The district's fiscal year begins on May 1 and concludes on April 30. Moody's Rating Service last rated the Skokie Park District as an Aa2 on its Series 2022A Bond Issue.