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Info & Events

This facility is open for registered participants and appointments only. A doorbell is located at the main entrance and will be answered by staff during open hours. Prior to entry, guests must answer standard questions to ascertain if they have been exposed or currently have symptoms for the COVID-19 virus. All guests must wear a mask at all times while in the facility. In addition, staff will run temperature checks on all preschool and tot enrichment students prior to entry per DCFS regulations. Click here for Skokie Park District COVID-19 general guidelines and the status of all facilities and parks.


This award-winning facility presents classes, activities, camps and performance/shows in music, theatre, dance, visual arts and circus. Early childhood enrichment programs, culinary arts classes and a state-licensed preschool program is also featured here. Skokie Art Guild, The Devonshire Playhouse call this facility home. Arts partners such as Thin Ice Ensemble Theatre, Chicago Pastel Painters and E.D.G.E. Theatre also visit us for workshops and performances. Rentals, Art Partnerships and a variety of art related birthday party options are available.

Special Events throughout the year include but are not limited to: The Devonshire County Fair, Fall Teen Musical Performance, Fall Adult Musical Performance, December Dance Performance, Winter Adult Play, Young Performers Musical, Spring Dance Performance, Summer Adult Musical, Summer Dance Recital, and multiple Art Shows during the year.

Summer on Broadway Shows 2021
Devonshire Dance Competition Team video



Monday-Wednesday: 8:30A-9:30P
Thursday: 8:30A-9P
Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4P
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Noon-2P

info-icon2 Robin Horwitz at RHHorwitz@SkokieParks.org


  • Arts & Ceramics Studio
  • Classrooms
  • Dance Studio
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting & Party Room Rentals
  • Music Studio
  • Outdoor Swimming PoolWater Park
  • Parking
  • Preschool
  • Theatre
  • Vending Machines

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party  Ages  Fee Contact
Balloon Party* 3 and up  $275/$344   rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Canvas Paint Party 6 and up  $275/$344  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Craft Party** 3 and up  $275/$344  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Slime Party 3 and up  $250/$313  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Fantasy Makeup** 3 and up  $250/$313  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Magic Party* 3 and up  $275/$344  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Princess/Superhero Party*   3 and up  $275/$344  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Circus Party 5 and up  $275/$344  rflintz@skokieparks.org or ext. 2425
Cooking Party** 4 and up  $275/$344  cswatson@skokieparks.org or ext. 2410 
Dance Party* 3 and up  $275/$344  cswatson@skokieparks.org or ext. 2410

*Available In-Person or Virtual
**Available In-Person or as a Take Home Party-In-A-Box


Room Capacity Covid Capacity  Regular Hourly Rate COVID Hourly Rate
Theater with stage 325 50 $268/$335 $160/$200
Theater without stage 300 50 $185/$231 $85/$106
Program Room 1 & 2  100 50 $93/$116 $50/$62
Program Room 1 or 2  50 25 $57/$71 $25/$31
Small Kitchen 5 3 $32/$40 $16/$20
Large Kitchen 30 15 $57/$71 $28/$35
Theater Tech Services     $25 $25


Skokie Art Guild

SAGThe Skokie Art Guild offers annual memberships for individuals, families, and students enrolled in an art degree program. Members can participate in the Fall Members' exhibit at the Skokie Public Library and the Spring show at the Emily Oaks Nature Center. Members receive a 10% discount on art classes at the Devonshire Cultural Center and at local art supply stores. For more information about the Skokie Art Guild and its programs, contact Rick Flintz.

Art Partners

Outside cultural arts groups may conduct classes or events in our space. We offer a limited number of multi-purpose areas, theater, dance and art studios. Outside groups would be required to present in an area of the arts that would complement and not conflict with the current Devonshire curriculum. Class registration or tickets would run through the Skokie Park District. The park district and the group would each receive a percentage of registration or ticket funds.

For more information, please call Robin Horwitz at (847) 929-7420 or email rhhorwitz@skokieparks.org.