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Bid Notices

2024 Rental of Tents, Tables, Chairs, Crowd Control Barriers, and Lighting for Skokie’s Backlot Bash 
Bid Notice: Deadline June 28, 2024 at 10 a.m.

Current & Pending Projects

​​​​​2024 Pooch Park Fencing Project
Bid Results

2024 Devonshire Aquatic Center Solar Panel Project
Bid Results

2024 Park Services Concrete Project
Bids Results

2024 Skokie Sports Park Irrigation Project
Bids Results

2024 Asphalt Improvements
Bid Results

2024 Lauth Park Backstop Replacement
Bid Results

2024 Skokie Sports Parks Wall Panel Replacement
Bid Results

2024 Sports Courts Repairs
Bid Results

2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van (2023 or newer)
Bid Results

2024 Lawler Park Construction
Bid results

2023 Devonshire Aquatic Center Drop Slide Replacement
Bid Results

2023 Oakton Pickleball Courts Project
Bid results

2023 Sport Courts Repairs
Bid results

Completed Projects

2024 Pawnee Park and Tot Learning Center Playground Installation
Bid results: Hacienda Lanscape, $47,500

2023 Central Park Construction Project
Bid results: D&J Landscape, $481,129

2023 Oakton & Tot Learning Centers Flooring Project
Bid results: Scharm Flooring, $78,823

2023 Central Park Irrigation Project
Bid results: Halloran & Yauch, $97,335  

2023 Ballfield Renovations
Bid results: Proline Fence, $113,991

Tents, tables, chairs, crowd control barriers, and lighting for Skokie’s Backlot Bash street festival
Bid results: House of Rentals, $39,699

2023 Central Park Playground Surfacing Project
Bid results: Perfect Turf, $190,480

2023 Asphalt Improvements
Bid results: Chicago Paving, $215,000

2023 Three Vehicle Replacements
Bid results: Bob Ridings, Inc., $181,989

2023 Skokie Sports Park Miniature Golf Carpet Removal & Replacement
Bid results: Scharm Floor Covering, $46,226

2023 Fitness First Equipment
Bids results

2023 Skokie Park District Bussing Service
Bid results: First Student, $56/hour

2022 Lockwood & Oakton Parks Sports Court Improvements
Bid results – Chicagoland Paving, $199,210

2022 Skokie Sports Park Netting Replacement Project
Bid results – Midwest Netting, $131,881

2022 Menominee Park Playground Turf Project
Bid results – Perfect Turf, $62,335

2022 Lorel & Menominee Parks Playground Renovations
Bid results – Hacienda Landscape, $109,060

2022 Laramie Park Sports Field LED Lighting
Bid results – Twin Supplies Ltd., $40,144

2022 – 2021 or Newer 14-Passenger Bus
Bid results – Best Bus, $90,762

2022 Sports Court Fencing Project
Bid results – Northern Illinois Fencing, $60,465

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Excavation/Site Utilities 
Bid results – Linblad Construction, $159,000

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Fire Suppression
Bid results – Nelson Fire Protection, $17,459

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Demolition 
Bid results – Midwest Wrecking Company, $208,500

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Masonary 
Bid results – Cyberdyne Masonary, $24,475

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Concrete 
Bid results – Linblad Construction, $44,500

2022 Skatium Ice Arena General Trades 
Bid results – Manusos General Contracting, $95,527

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Painting 
Bid results – Nedrow Decorating, $24,650

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Ice Rink Construction
Bid results – Ice Builders, $1,699,999

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Dasher Boards 
Bid results – Rink Systems, $180,000

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Plumbing 
Bid results – Jensen's Plumbing & Heating, $56,400

2022 Skatium Ice Arena HVAC 
Bid results – Quality Mechanical, $1,281,500

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Electrical
Bid results – Excel Electric, $129,550

2022 Skatium Ice Arena Asphalt Paving 
Bid results – Accu-Paving, $14,800

2022 Devonshire Cultural Center Solar Panel Installation
Bid results – Windfree Solar, $76,383

2022 Fitness First Equipment
Bid results – Direct Fitness Solutions, $55,820

2021 – 2020 or Newer Ford F450 Regular Cab 4X4 Stake Bed Truck 
Bid results – Roesch Ford, $47,725

2021 Tennis Court Crack Repair
Bid results – American Sealcoat, $85,464

2021 Skokie Sports Park LED Lighting Project
Bid results – Twin Supplies, $60,883

2021 Hamlin Park Court Renovation 
Bid results – Chicagoland Paving, $147,000

2021 Playground Installation
Bid results – D&J Landscape, $109,649

2021 Asphalt Improvements
Bid results – Maneval Construction, $151,305

2021 – 2020 or Newer Ford F550 Super Cab Truck
Bid results: Rob Ridings, Inc. – $52,172

2021 Emily Oaks Nature Center Solar Panel Installation
Bid results – Windfree Solar, $41,008

2021 Concrete Improvements
Bid results – Advantage Paving Solutions, $102,948

2021 Laramie Park Renovation
Bid results – Hacienda Landscape, $1,303,033

2020 Playground Installation Project
Bid results – D&J Landscape, $79,815.84

2020 Backstop Replacement Project
Bid results – Peerless Fence, $48,326

Asphalt Improvement Project
Bid results – Chicagoland Paving, $150,000

Ballfield Backstop Replacements
Bid results – Peerless Fence $91,419

Basketball & Tennis Court Repair and Coating
Bid results – Ten S Courts Solutions, $16,500

Flooring Improvements Project
Bid results: Scharm Flooring – $103,371

Synthetic Turf Replacement at Skokie Sports Park
Bid results – Turf Systems, Inc., $156,476

Chippewa & Mulford Parks – Playground Replacement
Bid results – Kenneth Company, $37,915

Tot Learning Center Asphalt Improvements
Bid results – M&J Asphalt Paving, $32,816

New Park Services Facility Renovation at 7500 Frontage Rd.
Renovation of recently-purchased communications building accommodate the park services division and information technology department and their personnel.

Weber Leisure Center & Skatium Ice Arena Roof Replacement
Removal and replacement of the Skatium Ice Arena and Weber Leisure Center roofs.
Bid results

Schack Park Playground Renovation
Installation of a replacement playground for Schack Park.
Bid results

Tennis & Basketball Color Coating
Color Coating and crack repair of four basketball and 14 tennis courts.
Bid results

Weber Leisure Center Remodeling
Bids Results

Weber Furniture
Awarded to Henricksen for $79,969 on 6/15/17
Bid Results

Ceramic Tile for Weber Center
Awarded to Regency Tile on 4/18/17 for $326,567
Bid results

Lawler Park Court Renovation
Awarded to Continental Construction on 5/16/17 for $150,600​ (only bidder)

Purchase of Raypak XTherm Pool Heaters
Bid results

Summer Camp and SPACE Bus Service
Awarded to First Student on 4/18/17
Bid results

Tents, Tables, Chairs & Lights for Special Events
Awarded to Classic Event and Tent Rentals on 4/18/17 for $49,853.17
Bid results

Generators for Special Events
Awarded to Braun Events for $13,326 Rentals began May 2017
Bid Results

Winnebago Park Playground Installation
Awarded to Elanar Construction, Chicago for $91,008
Bid Results

Emily Oaks Nature Center - Roofing, Gutter & Painting
Awarded to All American Exterior Solutions for $101,100
Bid results

Fitness First health club - Equipment Replacement
Awarded to Direct Fitness Solutions for $56,548 (only bidder)

Color Coating & Repairs for District Tennis & Basketball Courts
Awarded to 10-S Court Solutions for $39,000​
Bid results

Timber Ridge Playground Installation
Awarded to Elanar Construction for $28,930 on 8/16/16
Bid results

Parking Lot Repairs at Devonshire
Awarded to AllStar Asphalt for $54,000 on 8/16/16
Bid results

Skokie Water Playground Water Slide Demolition and Replacement
Awarded to Schaefges Brothers​ on 1/26/16 for $129,900
Bid Results

RFP for Construction Management (Advisor) Services
  for Weber Leisure Center Renovation

Awarded to Frederick Quinn Corporation

Purchase of Golf Range Balls for Skokie Sports Park
Awarded to Wilson Sporting Goods - Golf Division
Bid Results

Parking Lot Striping & Crack Sealing 
Awarded to Pavement Systems for $29,281
Bid Results

Sandblasting and Pool Painting
Awarded to S.P.M.S for $59,749
Bid Results

Equipment Replacement for Fitness First
Awarded to Direct Fitness Solutions for $55,004
Bid Results

McNally Park Playground Renovation
Awarded to Hacienda Landscaping for $136,075
Bid Results

Tennis & Basketball Color Coating
 Awarded 6/16/15 to 10S Court Solutions for $50,500 
Bid Results

Devonshire Epoxy Floor Coating
Awarded 5/19/15 to Sterling Services for $59,160
Bid Results

Printing of Program Guides
Awarded 7/21/15 to Schumann Printers, Inc. for $99,965
Bid Results

Purchase of Bahia Chaise Lounge Chairs 
Awarded 3/17/15 to Zenon Company for $22,598
Bid results

Variable frequency drives (VFD's) for Skokie Water Playground and Devonshire Aquatic Center​
Awarded 12/11/14 to Halogen Pool Supply​ for $44,853
Bid Results

Parks Tennis & Basketball Court Repair
Awarded 8/19/14 to First Impressions for $79,005
Bid Results

Oakton Community Center - Tile Replacement
Awarded to Scharm Floor Covering on June 17, 2014 for $38,115
Bid Results

Park Services Center - Gutter & Fascia Board Work
Awarded 12/17/13 to Master Projects, Inc., of Chicago for $22,800
Bid Results

Skokie Water Playground - Main Pool Gutter Replacement
Awarded 3/19/14 to Schaefges Brothers for $123,900
Bid Results

Fitness First - Carpet
Awarded 9/17/13 to Scharm Floor Covering for $41,744
Bid Results

Devonshire Cultural Center - Carpet 
Awarded 9/17/13 to Scharm Floor Covering for $30,943
Bid Results

Skatium - Studio Rink Replacement
Awarded 4/10/13 to Total Mechanical Service for $701,505
Bid Results

Tennis Court Surfacing & Repairs
Awarded 3/19/13 to All Star Asphalt for $219,340
Bid Results

Wood & Brush Chipper
Awarded 6/18/13 to Alexander Equipment for $52,900
Bid Results

Summer Festivals - Generator Rental & Setup
Awarded 3/19/13 to Event Tex for $12,604
Bid Results

Building Automation Systems
Awarded 8/21/12 to Precision Control for $39,490 
Bid Results

Lot & Path Seal Coating
Awarded 8/21/12 to Pavement Systems - $83,360 
Bid Results

Weber Gymnasium Floor Resurfacing
Awarded 8/21/12 to Lenco Flooring - $33,865

Weber Carpet Replacement
Awarded 8/21/12 to Sharm Carpeting - $44,362
Bid Results

 Rental of tents, tables, chairs, crowd control barriers, and lighting for Skokie’s Backlot Bash event