Upstart Devonshire Dance Team shines at national competition

May 13, 2017 07:56 AM

The Devonshire Dance Competition Team took six awards recently at Milwaukee’s three day National Rainbow Dance Competition, the new team’s first-ever major competition, pitting them against dance companies with much larger and more experienced teams.

The Skokie team’s six dancers are Bridgit Bui, Nina Charlier, Maja Premovic, Callan Schoenbauer, Dina Shukhman and Lindsay Trimberger.

On day one, the team’s jazz trio rocked the stage with their high energy "A Little Party" by Fergie, choreographed by Danielle Gonzalez. The trio received a High Gold for their effort.

The following day the team’s small group danced a lyrical piece to "Cosmic Love" by Florence & the Machine, choreography by Danielle Gonzalez.  The dancers received a Platinum score, fourth in their division, and a Judge's Choice award for most mesmerizing movements.

On last day of competition the team’s ballet trio danced to "Potter Waltz" by Patrick Doyle, choreographed by Danielle Gonzalez, receiving a Platinum score and first overall in their division.

Congratulations to the Devonshire Dance Team for a remarkable effort in their first major outing!  

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