Second round of drinking fountain lead tests complete

June 23, 2017 07:37 AM

In August 2016, the Skokie Park District proactively hired Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, Inc. (EMT) to test its facility drinking water fountains for lead content.

All of the results from the first test of facilities on August 24, 2016 were well under all required federal, state and local jurisdiction reportable limits.

View the August 2016 EMT analytical report for each facility drinking fountain here.

The park district was sent the results of the second round of park tests today, with two park fountains out of 54 reporting higher than recommended lead levels according to the EPA standard for drinking water. Less than 15 parts per billion is the federal EPA standard for drinking water through plumbing materials. Less than 5 parts per billion is the federal Food and Drug Administration standard for bottled water.

The two fountains with high lead levels were at Shabonee Park (16.7 ppb) and at the Devonshire Park baseball diamond (24.8 ppb). The two water fountains are now shut off, pending investigation and repair.

Per recent federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, EMT’s first test sample taken is a stagnant sample; the second is taken immediately following the flushing of the water line. All samples are taken following strict testing lab protocol.

View the June 2017 EMT analytical report for each park drinking fountain here.

Report Key

Client Sample ID = Facility Location and sample number.
Result = detectable Level of Lead, any level of lead detected below 5.00 ppb is 99.9% accurate. In most of the Skokie Park District samples less than .120 ppb was detected.
Reporting Limit = any level of Lead detected at 5.00 ppb or Greater than is 100% accurate.
Qual = U or Analyte included in the analysis, but not detected, or J is estimated Value.
Units = ppb or parts per billion.
Regulator Limit = 15.00 ppb where Environmental Monitoring Technologies is required to report the level.
MDL =    Minimum Detectable Level, or 0.120.

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