Park walking maps are here!

November 28, 2014 07:42 AM

While visitors to Skokie's 42 beautiful parks can certainly take a short stroll around almost all of them, eleven parks offer longer circular walking paths, which allow more serious walkers and hikers a chance to really stretch their legs.

Most of the eleven parks have at least one path around the park, however three — Devonshire Park, Emily Oaks Nature Center and Laramie Park — offer two or three options for avid walkers. Park paths range from 1/5 of a mile to a little more than 1/2 a mile, with Laramie Park's perimeter path measuring the longest, coming in at .54 miles.

Map links to the following parks appear below ... and also on their corresponding park web pages:

Central Park walking path

Devonshire Park walking paths

Emerson Park walking path

Emily Oaks Nature Center walking paths

Gross Point Park walking path

Laramie Park walking paths

Lawler Park walking path

Lorel Park walking path

Lyon Park walking path

Oakton Park walking path

Peccia Park walking path

Terminal Park walking path

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