Native Skokie Parks
Pollinators and plants native to Illinois in Skokie ParksNative-Skokie-Parks-logo

Skokie Park District’s native habitat areas were made possible by a generous grant from the Illinois Clean Energy 2020 Pollinator Meadows Grant program.


At Skokie Sport Park, one acre of turf was converted to Illinois native plants in order to provide food and habitat for birds, pollinators and other local fauna. The native flowers and grasses planted are accustomed to the ecology of our region and do not require additional water or fertilizer once established.

At Hamlin Park an additional one acre was converted to Illinois native plants. This section of the Native Habitat Area was created by Skokie Park District staff, volunteers, the Student Conservation Association’s Women’s Crew and the hard work and support of an Eagle Scout community from Boy Scout Troop 923.​ 

This native planting will help create a base for a food web that attracts pollinators and insects which produces food for birds and small mammals which in turn provides food for larger animals that keep our ecosystem in balance.


Here are some of the native plants and flowers that you'll find in our Native Skokie Parks areas:


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Big-Bluestem Big bluestem Andropogon gerardii Tan June – September 3'–8'
Prairie-Milkweed Prairie milkweed Asclepias sullivantii Pink June–August 2'–3'
White-Prairie-Clover White prairie clover Dalea candida White June–September 1'–2.5'
Purple-Prairie-Clover Purple prairie clover Dalea purpurea Purple July–September 2'–5'
Round-headed-Bush-Clover Round-headed bush clover Lespedeza capitata Pale green August–September 2'–5'
Marsh-Gay-Feather Marsh gay feather Liatris spicata Purple July–September 2'–5'
Wild-Quinine Wild quinine Parthenium integrifolium White June–September 2'–3'
Black-eyed-Susan Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta Yellow June–October 1'–2.5'
little-bluestem * Little bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium Green-blue July–October 2'–3'
Rosinweed Rosinweed Silphium integrifolium Yellow July–September 3'–5'
Compass-Plant Compass plant Silphium laciniatum Yellow June–September 6'–12'
prairie-dock * Prairie dock Silphium terebinthinaceum Yellow July–September 3'–10'
Indian-Grass Indian grass Sorghastrum nutans Tan August–September 3'–7'
Prairie-Dropseed Prairie dropseed Sporobolus heterolepsis Green-tan August–October 1'–2'
smooth-blue-aster Smooth blue aster Symphyotrichum laeve Blue/lavender August–October 1.5'–3'


Photos by Bill Glass except where noted*.