Monthly Payment Plan

The music lesson cost is for a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.* Lessons are once a week, in-person with COVID-19 protections in place.

30 Minute Lesson:       R $142 / NR $178 per month

45 Minute Lesson:       R $175 / NR $219 per month

*We do recommend that you sign on with the intention of a minimum 3 month commitment. It will take a number of weeks for a student to develop a routine of practice. The student develops a sense of success when they experience progress over an extended number of weeks.

You will be registering for the first week and setting up the payment plan. You will then be contacted to schedule additional weeks.

Referral Program

Once enrolled, save 20% off of tuition (for 1 month, based on tuition rate for a single student) for each student you refer that enrolls in the Devonshire Music Program. Refer 5 friends and get a month’s tuition free!

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