FootGolf and FlingGolf are here!

June 1, 2015 07:35 AM

Golf’s quirky out-of-town cousins will take up residency in Skokie on June 5, making the Weber Park Golf Course a versatile new recreational destination for residents and visitors alike.

FootGolf, a descendant of Chicago’s codeball, played in the 1920s, takes its cues from modern day golf, except that a #5 soccer ball is kicked from the tee box, and eventually into a 21 inch hole. In general, FootGolf is quicker to play than golf, is more accessible to more players, and does not require expensive equipment. At the par 3 Weber course, FootGolf will be played exclusively, three days a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 4 p.m. until the course closes at dusk. NBC Nightly News feature here.

The FlingStick

FlingGolf is played with a patent-pending FlingStick, a long apparatus that allows players to fling a golf ball, rather than striking it with a golf club. The stick’s “basket” is flat on both sides, allowing it to be used as a putter once on the green. The game is fun, inexpensive and easy to learn. Players may bring their own FlingStick or rent one from the Weber Park Golf Course. The game can be played concurrently with players who are golfing.

Fees for one round of either sport are $10-12, with a $5-6 replay fee. Soccer ball and FlingStick rentals are $5 each.

Again, the two new sports will begin at the golf course on June 5. So whether you are a golfer, a FootGolfer, or a FlingGolfer, make the Weber Park Golf Course a fun summer destination for you and your friends!

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