District adopts new five-year plan

February 21, 2020 03:43 PM

The Skokie Park District has announced the rollout of its new five-year comprehensive master plan, after working for more than a year with the public, staff and board, and employing consultant Hitchcock Design Group. The document includes development plans that run through 2025. The plan prioritizes park district needs in a manner consistent with the agency's mission, vision and values.

Click here to view the plan.

"On behalf of the Board of Commissioners, and all those who have participated, we congratulate the Skokie Park District community for embracing this journey with us." said Board President Mike Reid. "We are confident that everyone connected with Skokie will benefit from its implementation."

The Skokie Park District comprehensive master plan documents a five-year strategy to chronologically enhance the programs, parks and facilities that make up the park district, building on already robust parks and facilities, highly-utilized program offerings and skilled human resources, by focusing on capital improvements and service enhancements that will respond to the needs of the community.

Several key strategies were developed during the planning process, including maintaining an ongoing in-depth analysis of existing and potential programs; implementing critical facility upgrades, including at the Skatium Ice Arena; seeking funding through grants; investing in contemporary health, wellness and recreation programs; providing features within parks and along trails that respond to Skokie's active, aging demographic; and supporting the park district's ability to maintain its land and to build assets at the level residents expect.

"We invite our residents to delve into the details of the plan to see firsthand how the outlined strategies blend the analysis of current programs, and parks and facilities, with the community's current and future needs, and the order in which the Skokie Park District intends to undertake them," said Reid.

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