Coyotes in Skokie

August 1, 2013 07:31 AM

Over the past several years, coyote sightings have become more prevalent within the Village of Skokie and surrounding communities, including the Devonshire Park area. Coyotes are generally timid and shy animals that tend to steer clear of any potential danger and, thus, pose little threat to humans. Statistics from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources cite attacks on humans as extremely rare.

Residents with small pets (less than 20 pounds) should supervise them while outdoors. Always use a leash when walking your dog. Retractable leashes are not recommended as they tend to jam and can make it difficult for you to protect your pet from a predator.

The most effective way to prevent coyote encounters is to eliminate wildlife feeding. It is extremely important that neighborhoods do not feed coyotes, either intentionally or accidentally. If you see a coyote during the daytime or are approached by a coyote, you should yell, wave your arms, and/or throw something at the coyote (do not run away)! Parents should educate their children on how to identify and stay away from coyotes and other wildlife. 

Domestic cats left outdoors can also serve to attract coyotes; it is important that domestic cats be kept indoors. Dogs that are left outside (especially small dogs) should also be watched with caution.

For more information or to report a coyote sighting, please contact the Skokie Animal Control at (847) 933-8484.

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