About the "world famous" Skokie park bench

September 12, 2014 05:43 AM

In the early to mid 1990s, as the Skokie Park District began the massive rebuild of its parks and facilities, district staff went to DuMor Site Furnishings in Mifflintown, PA, and asked for a new custom park bench - one that would be sturdy, attractive, modern and eco-friendly.

The company, already known for its custom work, designed what is now a DuMor Park Bench, Model 12, also known as the “Skokie bench.”

With DuMor’s commitment to green manufacturing, the company utilizes approximately 1,500 one gallon plastic milk containers to create each six-slat, eight foot long Skokie bench. (One slat weighs 27 pounds, containing about 250 milk containers.) The sturdy, weatherproof bench can support up to 365 pounds.

DuMor makes 68 bench designs, which can be seen at places such as Walt Disney resorts and parks, Ruby Tuesday restaurants, San Antonio’s Riverwalk, and the City of Boston. So keep your eye out for the Skokie bench, you will find it in Skokie parks - and maybe in your world travels!

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