Skokie Park District Green Initiatives

Current green initiatives implemented at the Skokie Park District:

Staff Environmental Action Team

Formed more than 25 years ago, this park district staff team meets regularly and has initiated many of the energy saving and recycling projects below, in facilities and in parks. Click here for a list of current Skokie Park District staff green projects. Click here for the Skokie Park District environmental policy.


  • New energy-efficient florescent lights have lowered power usage at Veterans Park by more than 50 percent.
  • Experimenting with LED lights at Lyons Park shelter and at the Weber Leisure Center
  • Kawaga Garden native landscaping
  • Native landscaping at Hamlin Park
  • Leaf materials mulched (no disposal)
  • Landscape waste composted
  • Phosphate-free fertilizers used districtwide

District Facilities

  • Sun tubes installed in interior office space are saving power
  • Energy efficient light fixtures have been installed at various facilities.
  • Mixed use recycling containers are being expanded to all facility entrances and high-use parks throughout the district.
  • Printer and toner cartridge recycling/reuse
  • Staff ‘Reduce-the-Use’ Facility Energy Contest
  • Use of greener (alternative) cleaners
  • Recycled asphalt used for Laramie and Devonshire parking lot repairs
  • Low flow showers, high-efficiency hand dryers and automated paper dispensers
  • Junk mail reduction
  • Double-sided copying and paper reuse
  • Copy paper purchasing (recycled content)

Special Events Recycling

Recycling at large community special events such as Festival of Cultures, 4th of July & Skokie’s Backlot Bash. In 2019, Collective Resource, Inc. successfully separated two-thirds of a ton of food waste, which went off for compost (diverting it from a landfill). 


  • Fluorescent light bulb recycling (Fluorocycle)
  • Paper recycling bins (Abitibi)
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Steel recycling
  • Oil filter crusher and recycling
  • Summer camp recycling contests and Recycling Ranger program
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Camp recyclables pick-up
  • Golf ball reuse at Skokie Sports Park
  • Four playground structures were recently shipped to Europe for re-installation.
  • Reduction in marketing materials: posters, fliers, Skatium publication now direct-marketed to age range households only
  • Newsletters now sent via email

Park District Shelters

  • The district is currently experimenting with new energy-saving LED lighting in its park shelters.

Park Services Center

  • Propane powered equipment now burns cleaner and has reduced gasoline usage.
  • Two hybrid (gas/electric) vehicles are saving money and are burning cleaner than gasoline vehicles. 
  • A vehicle and equipment "no idle" policy has lowered fuel consumption by 10-15 percent.
  • Skokie Park District "Green Fleet" biodiesel use

Skokie’s Spring Greening

The park district and its community agency partners present Skokie's annual green living event, featuring a trade show of green and sustainable products and services, workshops on green lifestyle choices, entertainment for all ages, and unique opportunities for recycling household items.

Earth Day Celebration

Emily Oaks Nature Center annually celebrates the earth by commemorating Earth Day. Visitors commune with nature through themed games, activities, music, food and a native plant sale.