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Board Business

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Regular Meeting - Park Board of Commissioners - Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 7PM


I.     Call Meeting to Order - Roll Call

II .    Pledge of Allegiance

III.    Comments from Citizens

IV.    Consent Agenda Approval

V.     Approval of Minutes

      *A.  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 20, 2013

*VI.   Bills Payable for the Month of August/September 2013

*VII.  Treasurer's Report

        A.  Fiscal Year Ended 04/30/2013 Audit, Management Letter, and Control Deficiency Letter

VIII.  Attorney's Report - No Report

IX.   Staff Reports - Action Items

       A.  Presentation on the Skokie Big Brothers Big Sisters Program 2012-2013

       B.  Approval of Bid for Carpet Replacement - Fitness First

       C.  Approval of Bid to Replace Carpet at  Devonshire Cultural Center

       D.  Approval to Purchase  Hardware and Software to Expand the District's Network Storage (SAN)

X.    Staff Reports

      *A.  Parks Division Report

      *B.  Recreation and Facilities Division Report

      *C.  Marketing and Sponsorship Reports

      *D.  Information Technology Division Report

XI.   President's Report

       A.  Regular Board Meeting - Date to Be Determined

       B.  Commissioners Comments

       C.  Executive Session

             1.  Review/Approval of Executive Session Minutes/Verbatim Records

             2.  Lease or Sale of Real Property

       D.  Approval of Ordinance #13-013 - Authorization to Destroy Verbatim Records

XII.   Adjournment

*Consent Agenda