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The Next Regular Meeting of Board of Park Commissioners -January 17, 2012 at 7pm


I.   Call Meeting to Order - Roll Call

II.   Pledge of Allegiance

III.  Comments from Citizens

IV. Consent Agenda Approval

V. Approval of Minutes

     *A. Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of December 20, 2011

VI.  Bills Payable for the Month of January 2012

VII. Treasurer's Report

      A.  Approval of the Bond Sale Timeline

      B.  Adoption of Resolution #12-100 for IPDLAF Members to Join Combined Fund

VIII. Attorney's Report - No Report

IX.   Staff Reports - Action Items

     A.  Approval of Bid for Oakton Community Center Building Automation System

     B.   Consensus to Sell, Purchase and Consume Alcohol on Park District Property

            During the Festival of Cultures

     C.   Authorization to Prepare A Request for Proposal for Needs Assessment Study

X.  Staff Reports

    *A.  Park and Facilities Division Report

    *B.  Recreation Division Report

    *C. Marketing and Sponsorship Reports

    *D.  Information Technology Division Report

XI. President's Report

    A. Next Regular Board Meeting - Tuesday,  January 17, 2012 at 7pm

    B.  Commissioner Comments

    C.  Executive Session - Review of Executive Session Minutes

    D.  Approval of Ordinance #12-001 - Authorization to Destroy Verbatim Records

XII. Adjournment

  *Consent Agenda