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Minutes of the Regular Meeting - Park Board of Commissioners - September 20, 2011 at 7pm


Board Members Present:     

President Mike Reid

Vice President Susan Aberman

Commissioner Michael W. Alter

Commissioner Jerry B. Clarito

Commissioner Maureen Yanes


Others Present:                    

Director/Secretary Mark Schneiderman

Treasurer William G. Schmidt

Superintendent of Parks and Facilities John Ohrlund

 Superintendent of Recreation Michelle Tuft

Mick Jacobsen, Skokie Public Library


President Reid called the regular meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners to order at 7:00 p.m., followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Commissioners Yanes was absent.


Joel Farber, 4317 Enfield, Skokie, IL addressed the Board about the summer activities at the pools and the Sunday Sundown Concerts.  Mr. Farber stated that the summer was hot and wet this year, but the pools were well attended each weekend.  The six summer concerts were well attended considering some inclement weather. He especially wanted to mention the concert on July 31st with Pamela Rose and the Windy City Band.  He was videotaped as the Master of Ceremonies at the concert and it was seen on U-tube.  Mr. Farber thanked the Board for another great summer and wished everyone a Happy New Year. He is looking forward to his 18th year at the summer concerts and pool events. The Board thanked Mr. Farber for his comments.


With no items removed from the Consent Agenda, Commissioner Alter moved to approve the Consent Agenda. Commissioner Clarito seconded the motion.  On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye.  Commissioner Yanes was absent. Motion carried. The Consent Agenda consisted of: Minutes from the Regular Board Meeting of August 16, 2011; Bills Payable for the month of September 2011; Treasurer’s Report; and Staff Reports.


Superintendent Schmidt reported that the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) is a regulatory agency that issues accounting standards and guidelines for governmental agencies.  In 2009, the Park District complied with the new standard.

To comply with a new GASB standard the Board must formally adopt a policy authorizing the Superintendent of Business Services to determine fund balances on an annual basis. 

Commissioner Alter moved to approve Resolution #11-002 establishing fund balance polices as required by GASB 54. Commissioner Clarito seconded the motion. On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye. Commissioner Yanes was absent. Motion carried.


Superintendent Schmidt introduced Irwin Lyons, Andrew Mace and Colleen Dekraker from Miller Cooper & Co. Ltd.  Mr. Lyons summarized the audit report and management letter. He said that the transmittal letter and management letter give a good overview of the audit. He discussed the financial statements, statistical and operational information. The Park District net assets increased this year and there were no control deficiencies reported. 

Mr. Lyons reported that the Park District will be awarded the Certificate of Achievement for excellence from the GFOA again this year. The Park District received an unqualified opinion for fiscal year 4/30/2011 which is the highest level of assurance that can be given by an auditing firm.

President Reid stated that he was pleased to see the positive results expressed in the audit report.

Commissioner Yanes entered the meeting at 7:18p.m.

Commissioner Clarito congratulated Superintendent Schmidt and his staff on their fine accounting work. The Board thanked Mr. Lyons and his staff for their report.

Vice President Aberman moved to approve the fiscal year end 04/30/2011 audit and management letter. Commissioner Clarito seconded the motion. On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye. Motion carried.


Superintendent Ohrlund explained that there was a discrepancy in the bid documents for the Emerson  Park and Emily Oaks Nature Center playground renovation projects. Commissioners asked about the discrepancy. Superintendent Ohrlund stated that the playground equipment was not included in the bid documents as the planner anticipated the District would purchase this separately.   The playground equipment cost is approximately $50,000.00 and if the current bids were considered it would require the Park District to approve a $50,000.00 change order once the contract was awarded. To avoid this situation, staff is recommending rejecting the bids and re-bidding the projects.

Commissioner Yanes moved to reject all bids for playground renovations for Emily Oaks Nature Center and Emerson Park.   Vice President Aberman seconded the motion. On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye. Motion carried.


Superintendent Ohrlund reported that the infield groomer is a machine that is utilized daily throughout spring, summer and fall at the parks and is due for replacement.  $16,000.00 has been budgeted in the Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Fund. The National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance program has an infield groomer for $16,188.07.  A Toro Sand Pro 3040 with blade, tines and drag mat is available through the distributor, Reinders Inc., in Franklin Park.  Staff is recommending the purchase through this program.

Commissioner Alter moved to approve the purchase of a replacement Toro Sand Pro 3040 from Reinders, Inc. for $16,188.97.  Vice President Aberman seconded the motion. On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye. Motion carried.


Superintendent Tuft explained that Governor Quinn signed a new law regarding soccer goal safety.  The law, 430 ILS 145-1 known as Zach’s Law requires agencies to adopt a policy on movable soccer goal safety.  Superintendent Tuft stated that this law came about due to an accident involving a six year old boy that was killed by a movable soccer goal not being properly secured.

The Park District had already been adhering to the policy prior to the new law being enacted.  Park Services staff must move or secure the movable soccer goals on Park District property.

Some of the requirements of the new law are: warning labels must be placed on all movable goals, goals must be routinely inspected, permitted users must be informed that goals may not be moved and the Park District is prohibited from purchasing movable soccer goals in the future unless they are tip resistant.

Commissioner Yanes moved to approve the Soccer Goal Safety and Education Policy.  Commissioner Alter seconded the motion. On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye. Motion carried.


At this time President Reid confirmed the date of the October Board meeting with the other Commissioners. The next regular meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 7:00p.m.   


Commissioner Clarito complimented staff on the “great job” at the Backlot Bash.

Commissioner Alter stated that the new Skatium café has very good food and that patrons have given him positive feedback on the new Skatium.    Executive Director Schneiderman reported that the new “kites” were installed in the Skatium Lobby today. Commissioners were welcome to take a look after the meeting.

Commissioner Yanes stated that everyone loves the new Weber Center parking lot.

Commissioner Aberman suggested some recommendations for an expansion of fitness center equipment to the Oakton Community Center.  She suggested that it would promote health and wellness to other businesses in the area to use the facility. Executive Director Schneiderman stated that this was discussed previously and is an option to consider in the future. 

President Reid suggested changing the date of the December Board Meeting due to Hanukkah. Commissioners will discuss the December Board Meeting date at next month’s meeting.


A motion was made by Commissioner Alter to adjourn the regular meeting. Commissioner Yanes seconded the motion.  On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye.   Motion carried. The regular meeting ended at 7:35p.m.


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President                                                                   Secretary