Where Is table tennis offered?
Weber Leisure Center, Gymnasium

What days and times are table tennis offered?
Sundays 2–3:30P and 4–5:30P 

How do I sign up?
Click HERE. Select the date and time you want. You will be prompted to sign in to your park district account. Make sure all your time blocks you wish to sign up for are in your cart and follow through to the payment screen. You will receive a receipt via email once your purchase is complete. If you do not have an account or wish to make a reservation over the phone, please call the Weber Center front desk at (847) 674-1500, ext. 3500

How do we pay?
Payment will be taken during reservation, whether over the phone or online.

What is the fee?
$5 per time block for residents of Skokie
$7 per time block for Non-Residents

How many table tennis tables will be available?

How many participants are allowed?
16 participants per time block

Can we play doubles?
No doubles allowed at this time. Single games only.

What are the ages allowed to play?
16 and older

Can we sign up for more than one time block?
Yes, but you will need to pay for each time block.

Do we have to wear a mask?
Yes, you will need to wear a mask the entire time you are in the facility.

Do we have to wear a mask when we are playing?
Yes, even while you are playing a mask must be worn covering your nose and mouth.

Will the tables be cleaned?
Yes, in between each time block the tables will be wiped down.

Do we need to bring in our own paddles and balls?
Yes, we are asking you to bring in your own equipment. We do have a ball machine that requires one quarter to vend a ball.

Can we sign up the day of?
Yes, you can as long as there are openings. However, for now we are not allowing walk-ins. You need to pre-register.

What do I need to do when I arrive for my reservation?
You will need to stop at the front desk and check-in. A front desk employee will look at the roster to make sure you are signed up for that time block.

How early can we arrive for our scheduled time?
You are only allowed in 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Are spectators allowed?
No, spectators are not allowed in the building right now.