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Minutes of the Regular Park Board Meeting of July 16, 2013



Board Members Present:    

President Mike Reid

Vice President Susan Aberman

Commissioner Michael W. Alter

Commissioner Jerry B. Clarito

Commissioner Maureen Yanes


Others Present:                    

Director/Secretary John V. Ohrlund

Treasurer William G. Schmidt

Superintendent of Parks Michael Rea

Superintendent of Recreation and Facilities Michelle Tuft

Assistant Superintendent of Recreation Jon Marquardt

Executive Administrative Assistant Ann Perez



President Reid called the regular meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners to order at 7:00 p.m., followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


There were no citizen comments.


With no items removed from the Consent Agenda, Commissioner Alter moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Commissioner Yanes seconded the motion.  On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye.   Motion carried.  The Consent Agenda consisted of:  Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 18, 2013; Bills Payable for the months of June 2013/July 2013, Treasurer’s Report; and Staff Reports.


Superintendent Tuft requested approval of the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Village of Skokie, Skokie Park District and the Youth Foundation of Skokie, Inc. Superintendent Tuft stated that the agreement did not have any changes from the last agreement. The layout for the Backlot Bash event was not attached as there may be some changes due to the downtown construction.  The staging area for the construction project may be relocated.  If the staging area is not relocated the layout for the Backlot Bash will need to be modified.  Superintendent Tuft stated that there will be an additional beer station added near the seating area for Friday and Saturday nights to accommodate the customers.

Commissioner Clarito inquired if the grant the Village of Skokie gives the Park District covers the costs of the event.  Superintendent Tuft responded no.  The Park District tries to break even on the event, which depends on sponsorship levels.

Superintendent Tuft will attend the next Village Board Meeting. The Intergovernmental Agreement will be on the Village of Skokie’s board agenda for approval.

Commissioner Alter moved to approve the Backlot Bash Intergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Skokie. Commissioner Yanes seconded the motion. On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye.  Motion carried.


President Reid confirmed the date of the August Board Meeting with the other Commissioners. The next Regular Meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners will be held on August 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.


Commissioner Yanes inquired if healthier selections could be placed in the vending machine at the Weber Leisure Center. Superintendent Tuft said she will speak with the vending company to add some healthier items. Superintendent Tuft stated that the vending machine at the Exploritorium has healthy items for sale.

The NRPA conference was discussed.  An offsite institute at the Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is being considered.

President Reid enjoyed the outdoor movie night at Lorel Park last week. He said there were approximately 250 people in attendance.

President Reid attended the Festival of Cultures dinner at Kabul House on Monday of this week.

Executive Director Ohrlund asked Superintendent Rea to give an update on the Skatium and Skokie Park Tennis Center projects.

Superintendent Rea stated that the compressor system was delivered and lowered in place. In a few weeks the installation process will begin and then the system will be charged with the refrigerant. The concrete pour for the floor was done this afternoon.  120 cubic yards of concrete were poured.

Superintendent Rea reported that the Skokie Park Tennis Center project was completed.  The final walk through will take place next week with the architect.

Superintendent Rea said the automatic ball conveyor system at Skokie Sports Park will be finished today and tested tomorrow.

Executive Director Ohrlund said the Jim Bottorff Marketing and Communications Manager is preparing an article for the opening of the Skokie Park Tennis Center for the media and website.

Executive Director Ohrlund reported he received a letter commenting that the cricket pitch at Hamlin Park is not being utilized and the writer suggests the cricket pitch be removed.  Executive Director Ohrlund stated that staff monitored the cricket pitch the entire month of June and the beginning of July. During that period it was found that no one used the cricket pitch.  Staff will be analyzing the situation and will try making contact with those who attended the public hearing for the cricket pitch to ascertain if there is any interest in the cricket pitch.

Executive Director Ohrlund reported that intranet access for Commissioners will be set up by the IT Director David Hunt.  Email access is still being worked on.

Commissioner Yanes inquired about beekeeping at the Park District.  She said there is an organized movement for beekeeping.  Executive Director Ohrlund said that the Village is considering a ban on private property owners keeping bees but governmental entities may be permitted. No determination has been made by the Park District for beekeeping.


Commissioner Alter moved to enter into Executive Session to approve the minutes of the Executive Session of June 18, 2013, and to discuss the appointment, employment, performance, compensation or dismissal of specific employees.

Commissioner Yanes seconded the motion.  On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye. Motion carried.  The regular meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 7:22 p.m.   The regular meeting reconvened at 8:53 p.m.

Commissioner Alter moved to approve Ordinance #13-011 establishing the annual salary of the Executive Director.   Vice President Aberman seconded the motion.  On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye.  Motion carried.   

Vice President Aberman moved to adjourn the regular meeting.  Commissioner Yanes seconded the motion.  On a roll call vote, all Commissioners voted aye.  Motion carried.  The regular meeting ended at 8:54 p.m.



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